Sable chickens

An e-commerce project taken beyond the ordinary!


In a modern competitive landscape, where having a digital platform to sale your products can help you increase your market reach and sales, our client, Sable chickens, wanted to tap into that market and be the first to launch such a platform in the poultry industry. He decided to build an e-commerce platform for easy access to their products across Zimbabwe.

Our team needed to develop an efficient e-commerce website that could afford the clients to shop for bulk chicken products using a multi currency system. The solution had to provide real-time sales analytics, keep customers notified on the go via email & Whatsapp.

In a short time, we needed to:


The Digital two team built and deployed an e-commerce solution. The solution was made using wordpress and woocommerce.  

Things we did


Due to a proper set up, SEO and marketing efforts made by the client, the website registered customers instantly and we witnessed steady growth in sales as the months went by.

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