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As one of the topmost professional E-commerce web development companies in Harare, Zimbabwe, we believe that great user experience is at the core of great apps that we use in our daily lives. That is why it is very important for us to research and do prototypes before we start any work on any android or iOS app.

Depending on the work arrangement that we have with a client, we can do the following;

Our mobile app development process

mobile app goals

1. Understand goals

We make an effort to find out the goals of our client. We take time to understand the problem so that when we carry out research we aim to solve it.

mobile app wireframe

2. Research & wireframing

After carrying out search we create wireframes that aim to solve the problems as identified by the client. High fidelity wireframes will be used for prototyping

mobile app development

3. Prototyping & development

We create prototype to simulate real world experiences of how users will use the app. After running test we then proceed to develop the app for production.

mobile app submission on app store and google play store

4. App deployment

After creating and testing the production application we then launch the applications on App store and Google play store on behalf of the client.

Why our mobile app development services in Harare?

One stop shop

Digital two doesnt offer you app development services only, we provide a complete package including hosting, digital marketing services and more

Free hosting

For applications that have resources that can be hosted on linux cpanel based server, we go a step further to host the resources for free for the first 12 months

Quality guarantee

We have a track record in app development & highly experienced app developers, we know the buttons to push in app development. Our apps are highly optmised forperformance

Affordable fees

We produce the best work there is on reasonable budgets. Our websites give maximum ROI in minimum expenditure.

Always at your services

Be it regarding your support updates, reports or any other requests, our team is always on stand by to assist you!

More than apps

We are more than just app developers, we are your full house digital solutions partner!

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Frequently asked questions on mobile app development

Cross-platform provides a framework in which coding is done once and can be used to deploy the app in iOS, Android, and Windows phone.

Ballpark estimates are educated guesses based on our experience, so please consider that the actual final cost may increase or decrease after analyzing your requirements in more detail.


The idea behind upload an app with simple version is that you’ve made certain assumptions, and you can’t test these assumptions until you release the app and based on that uploaded app you can use this information to decide on the priorities of future requirements.

We prefer an AGILE development approach whereby we plan a certain amount of developer time each month to constantly improve things for you.