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Digital two is one of the topmost professional E-commerce web development companies in Harare, Zimbabwe. If there is one thing we know about e-commerce website, its the importance of creating websites that convert potential clients into paying customers. Our e-commerce package ensures great user experience that enables easy checkouts and payments. Start selling today and enjoy freebies like free web & email hosting, SEO and perfomance optimisation.

Here’s what we do for you on our e-commerce packages!

Our e-commerce web development process

1. Understand goals

Although we know that sales is the main goal for e-commerce websites, we make time to understand our client's businesses and aspirations

2. Research & drafting

The importance of thorough research can never be stressed enough when doing e-c0mmerce development. Research based proposals are our key to success.

3. E-commerce development

Using best practises we build a shop & configure payment gateways. We test the site rigorously & make sure payments are working as expected

4. Website launch

When all has been said & done, we launch the site & set up conversion tracking & other necessary tools that enable improvements & performance measurements.

Why our web development services in Harare?

One stop shop

Digital two doesnt offer you e-commerce web development services only, we provide a complete package including SEO, website security, digital marketing services, web & email hosting

Free email & web hosting

For both first time and cross over clients, we offer free domain registration, web & email hosting for the first 12 months. Our servers also come with a free SSL certificate keeping your site secure 24/7

Quality guarantee

We have a track record in e-commerce, our developers know the dos and don'ts when we are building websites. Our sites are always optmised for great conversions, performance & mobile devices

Affordable fees

We produce the best work there is on reasonable budgets. Our websites give maximum ROI in minimum expenditure.

Always at your services

Be it regarding your support updates, reports or any other requests, our team is always on stand by to assist you!

More than web

We are more than just e-commerce web developers, we are your full house digital solutions partner!

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Frequently asked questions on e-commerce web development

Short answer, yes and no. Depending on the technology and framework that was used to build your website, it can be possible or not possible to convert your current site into an e-commerce website. Content management systems like WordPress and Wix makes its easy for one to quicky add e-commerce functionalities to their existing website whilst some platforms will make it difficult or impossible to convert the site into an e-commerce one

Depending on who you come across with and the requirements for your site, the site may cost anything from US$400 to +US$5000. Variables in the price depend on the kind of an organisation you are dealing with. An inexperienced freelance may charge US$400 whilst a small agency or company can charge US$1200. Big agencies may charge around US$3000 whilst specialised Digital houses that may specialise in e-commerce solutions only may charge more than US$10 000.

Client requests may also determine the cost of a website, for example a website with custom whatsapp notifications and order tracking for e-commerce may be more expensive than an ordinary e-commerce solution that sends notifications via email.

Based on our experiences doing similar work that have done using wordpress with products between 100 – 1000 (on day of launch) it usually takes anywhere between 3 weeks up to 16 weeks. However more customised solutions can even take more time.

These days, it’s not that hard. There are a lot of payment gateways that integrate with popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Open cart, Shopify & Magento. Here in Zimbabwe Paynow intergrate easily with all the previously mentioned e-commerce platforms.

Should you wish to accept payments, you will need to make sure that your website has a SSL certificate to make sure data is transferred securely when users are making transactions on your website.

Great question! And the answer is probably no. Do you have a unique selling proposition? If yes, use that and all the effort that you can put to market your products digitally. Great SEO will help you to generate leads, Social media marketing is another great tool that you can use to your advantage to direct traffic to your website. E-commerce is hard because you have a lot of competition online. If you aren’t working to get sales, you probably won’t get any. To say the least, you will need to put in a lot of work to make sales online.